Should a Buyer?s agent be present at the home inspection?

Posted by Bob Selensky on Dec 7, 2015 in News

Absolutely yes!!

It’s critical that a buyer’s agent attend the home inspection with the Buyer.  Inspection reports can be very confusing and more often than not, questions come up that require “on the spot” discussions.  The agent should accurately and effectively represent the buyer's needs and properly assess the potential issues that come from a home inspection.  How can the agent do this if they're not present?  The agent is the one that does the negotiating for the Buyer and without firsthand knowledge of the inspection issues that come up, can’t possibly represent the Buyer's best interest.  And Buyers are typically more comfortable if the agent is present to answer questions.  The agent is the one with the experience.  And believe me, there are always questions.  How can an Agent properly represent the Buyer's interest in a home inspection if you are not there to hear what’s been said by the home inspector? The answer is simple – YOU CAN’T!

If your agent is not at the home inspection because they say they don't bring any value to the process, get another agent!!